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Experience the next generation of inspection software

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Easy to Read Property Inspection Reports at Your Fingertips

Cutting-edge technology and intuitive design makes Your Spectora Report  easy-to-use and quick to know what requires immediate attention.

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Modern tools. Intuitive design.

Inspections Made Easy.

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Modern design

Clean and intuitive, Spectora reports are easy to read on web or mobile devices. We build our web-based reports from the ground-up based on your feedback.

Client & Agent Focused 

Visual focus and simplicity for clients to understand the report is our top priority - the deficiencies. Descriptive information is available when you need it down the road.

Smart Filters

Clients and agents can filter by high priority items, all deficiencies, or the full report. Priority is given to what's most important to you.

Photo Light boxes

You can view any photo in a full-screen light box to examine those hard-to-see details.

Cloud Infrastructure

Our cloud infrastructure is built on AWS, the same back-end that Amazon, Netflix, and Expedia use. It's reliable, scalable, and has a 99.99% up-time. With cloud-based software, you don't have worry about your report getting lost as years go by.

Application Architecture

We build our software using the latest in tried-and-true web and mobile frameworks. We use the best coding practices, allowing us to rapidly build features and out-innovate the competition.

Data Backups

Our database is replicated across multiple cloud servers and backs up daily. You'll never have to worry about data loss again.

Site Security

Your sensitive account data is stored in encrypted format. All communication to and from our server uses HTTPS, an encryption format that protects your data even when using public networks. We also constantly implement the latest in web security measures to protect against attacks.

Payment Security

All sensitive payment-related data is communicated from your browser directly to PCI-compliant payment processors like and We do not store or transmit any payment data on our servers, which gives you and your clients the confidence to use Spectora for online payments.

How to Read Home Inspection Report

(For Agents)

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Spectora Software

We use the gold standard of reporting software in the inspections industry.  Reports are both PDF files and interactive digital reports with Hi-Res photos, 360˚Panoramas* Arial images and video.

*360 Panorama images are an additional charge

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