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How long does a home inspection take?

It depends on the size, age, and condition of the home. A typical inspection from Good Life Property Inspections may require up to three hours of on-site inspecting, sometimes less.  We do not cut any corners during our inspection and use state-of-art equipment to give your a thorough inspection.

Can I be present for the inspection?

Yes..We at Good Life Property Inspections always encourage our clients to attend the inspection if they are able.  Attendance during the entire inspection is not necessary as the process can be lengthy and physically challenging.  We typically encourage clients to arrive during the second hour of their inspection appointment time, in order to show you firsthand what we are looking for, provide tips on general maintenance, and offer you the chance to ask any questions or address any concerns you may have Inspector’s findings.

Do you tell me what needs to be repaired immediately?

The inspection report provided by Good Life Property Inspections will be your guide to determining which systems require attention and repairs from the noted defects.  We always encourage immediately repairing major concerns and safety issues that are identified in the report.  Any defects noted should be addressed in a timely fashion by the appropriately licensed individuals or companies in order to minimize any additional damages.

Can you tell me if there is termite damage?

As licensed home inspectors in the state of Florida we are not permitted to state whether damages or defects noted are the direct result of termites.  However visual damages to wood or building components will be noted in your report.  We do advise that a licensed pest control operator, specializing in termite inspections, completes a WDO inspection. This will report the nature of wood damages as they apply to the Florida Department of Agriculture’s standards for inspecting Wood Destroying Organisms (such as termites).

How Long are the Reports?

After the inspection, a detailed, computer generated report is delivered that contains a summary page and supporting digital photos that document findings from the inspection The length of a report will vary depending on the size and condition of the property we are inspecting. The bulk of your report is the numerous condition photos, videos and 360˚ panoramas* to clarify our findings. 

*Added for additional charge

Does my property have hidden mold or moisture?

A mold inspection is a great way to obtain a thorough environmental assessment of your structure if your are concerned about the presence of mold or water damage.  

Microbial contamination can occur quickly and can grow within 24-48 hours following a serious water incident.

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